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To express our appreciation, we would like to offer all first time customers a one-time high quality turbine or bearing replacement for 50% off our regular price! On a turbine replacement that normally costs $179, that would be only $89.50. On a bearing replacement that is normally $99, you would only pay $49.50. Now, that’s a deal! Give us a call, text, or e-mail today and start saving money on your repairs.

Please print coupon and include with your first handpiece repair order.

Sending In Your Handpieces


Sending your handpieces in for service to our repair facility is simple. Just follow these easy steps below to get started:

  1. Download the Service Request Form and fill out all the information concerning the make, model, serial number, and problems encountered.
  2. Fill out the Shipping Label Request Form below and we'll generate and email the shipping label to you.
  3. Print out the shipping label and cut along the edges. Then securely fasten it with tape to your secure box or bubble mailer.
  4. Place your sterilized handpieces and the completed Service Request Form into your preferred shipping container, seal securely, and place it in the mail.

* Please note that Paradise Dental Service LLC offers free shipping using the United States Postal Service as a courtesy and assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of items related to the shipping process. If this is a concern, another option would be to use your own shipping method to and from our facility.

Shipping Label request Form

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    Pick-Up & Delivery

    Paradise Dental Service is located about 44 miles North of West Palm Beach on Florida’s East Coast. We offer free pick-up and delivery to offices that are within 70 miles of our location. For those outside of our local area, please follow the shipping instructions outlined above.

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